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the jodeaThere's an old proverb which avows that "The gods do not deduct from one's allotted span the time spent fishing" and indeed as any angler will relate there are times when it certainly feels that this could be true.

There's good therapy in angling, that was recognized as far back as 1486 when Dame Juliana Berners published her "Tretyse on fysshyng wyth an Angle" [Treatise on Fishing with An Angle], and quoting a proverb of Solomon, which states that "A good spirit makes a flowering age [a long life], she suggests the sports that will help us attain that are " Haukyng [Hawking], Huntyng [Hunting], Fyshyng [Fishing] and Foulyng [Fowling], but that Fyshing is by far the best of these.

Dame Juliana, who had spent her youth as a noblewoman in these pursuits, was the Prioress of Sopwell Nunnery in Hertfordshire and her treatise is the first ever English Book on Angling.

So since the dawn of history there have been treatises and innovations regarding fishing. This is because anglers with time on their hands during the grim frozen days of winter generally dream about nothing else but their favourite sport and how better to catch fish. And it was that other famous angling writer Izaak Walton who commented that at times "The fishing was good, but the catching was bad".

The Jodea Fly KeepA man who set his mind to rectifying this actuality is Jeremiah O'Dea, sculptor, innovator and angler nonpareil. Jeremiah advocates a total return to the  use of natural bait in flyfishing, and natural bait can be considered a good attractor -  which anyone who has dapped on Ireland's midland or western lakes can attest to.

For the non-initiated we explain that dapping is a method of fly fishing  where the angler generally fishes with a natural insect, using a long rod and a floss silk blow line so the wind  carries the fly over the water to bob on and off the surface. In dapping the  bait may be a mayfly, grasshopper, crane fly (daddy-long-legs), depending on which is in season, and the natural manner of its presentation makes it alluring to the fish.

There is certainly nothing as exciting as to see the torpedo-like shadow of a large trout tracking the dapped fly before a strike. In complete contrast Jeremiah utilizes specialized roll-casts to reach the fish and usually "gets in among them", fishing with a shorter rod from a kayak.

This generally means that he is usually just a few Eskimo rolls from piscatorial success, and having worked for many years on trawlers off Ireland's South West coast, he has taken much boating experience aboard. To aid in his natural fishing approach Jeremiah has developed and patented an innovative new natural fly-carrying reservoir called the JODEA FLY KEEP©, which can be clipped to an anglers belt or jacket and which eliminates the annoyance of having to travel back to the bank or boat to refresh your bait supply.


JodeaThe JODEA FLY KEEP© is collapsible and stores as a flat pack, but the reservoir section telescopes forward when required.

This new invention which can  be considered a necessity for natural bait fly-fishers the world over.




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Meanwhile Jeremiah O'Dea will be utilizing his vast experience in the development of further fly-fishing innovations.

OR CALL JODEA ON: 0879128065

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