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Open case and extend the receptacle by unclipping the holding strap.


Clip the "Jodea" onto your person either onto you belt or fishing jacket using clip on the outside of the casing.


Collect an amount on live fly by searching the shoreline or foliage on the river bank or lake shore (watch for rising fish to give you a guild as to what fly the fish are feeding on).


Once content with the chosen fly you are now ready to dress your hooks and present your fly to any feeding fish within your casting range , gently cast or dapp your live fly over the feeding fish.


When striking into a fish using live fly allow 3-4 seconds for the fish to take the fly into its mouth then firmly set the hook and play your fish out.


Watch for large fish as live fly attract bigger and better fish to the surface.


When and where possible please return any small or unwanted fish to the river/water safely.

Tight lines !"





As with all fishing methods including fly fishing please check with your local fisheries as to what rules apply for any given water you might be fishing respect your surroundings and always make sure there are no lines / hooks / or litter left behind when leaving ( the wildlife and habitat is as important as the fish your hunting )



Generally all predatory fish take live fly from the surface, predominantly the types of fish that can be caught with live fly include:



Sea Trout




The Jodea Fly Keep is a device designed for collecting and keeping Mayfly And other such live fly for use as bait while fly fishing and or dapping the idea being that you can easly carry The Jodea Fly Keep on your person at all times having your bait at the ready for feeding fish as you come across them, its easy access opening make it practical for collecting the fly and stops fly escaping when searching the right fly for re-baiting your hooks.

Using live fly increases your chances of catching the better fish in the swim that may have otherwise been scared off by over presentation of artificial fly or other baits.

Have you ever been lost for what fly to use next?

Had a day where fish are rising all around you but nothing in your box matches the fly on the water you need a "JODEA fly keep" Now you can give the fish exactly what it wants, fool the bigger smarter fish by using the real thing ..

proven results

Lightweight and water resistant when the JODEA fly keep can be carried on the person with out obstruction to other tackle or rods this is done by fastening the clasp on the outer casing to your belt or jacket. When the JODEA fly keep is not in use in can be closed packing away neatly into most any Tackle Box or bag, Excellent for wading into swims where fish are feeding , Presenting a live fly to a feeding fish brings instant results.

kayak fishing! ,, sneaking up on unsuspecting fish using a kayak has become ever more popular with anglers theses days now with the "JODEA fly keep" you can not only sneak up on them you can present them with exactly the right bait first time every time without obstructing the use of the kayak , ensuring first time genuine takes time and time again.

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